Great events and races are always the result of solid planning and preparation.


When I think about our training plans, I plan for months ahead, I am always looking ahead at how to get to where I want us to be. Just like riding on the trail or road, you always look at where you want to go. That way when you are there nothing surprises you.


I am confident that if you have followed the plan the last few months that you will be ready to participate at the level that you hope at the upcoming events.


Please spend time this week visualizing how you want things to go. Especially if you are doing the Valley TT, please have done it in your mind before you race it.


Valley riders you have an email with all necessary information, please look to that for more information, and feel free to ask questions.




There will be two leaving times on Friday to head to town.


8:30am and  4pm.


Please post about when you can leave. Also parents please try hard to carpool as parking is very difficult, and please post if you can drive a van.


I highly encourage all to go in the 8:30 am van. It makes for a much easier transition to the event.


Training Plan


This is prep week we need to keep the legs moving to feel fresh.


Tuesday– Recovery with some openers


Wednesday— 4:30 only. All will do one 8 min LT effort.


Thursday– 24 hour kids off.





24 Responses to “Big Weekend Ahead”

  1. myles

    I forgot I have a tucson high on Tuesday so will not be at practice

    will go to 24 at 8:30

  2. MIchael Jansky

    I will not make it today, but I will tomorrow. I will be on the 4 pm van on Friday.

  3. Kristen

    I can drive a van and dillon can drive our truck if needed at 0830 Friday

  4. Steve Bohn

    Best of luck to ALL the riders, handlers, support and coaches at the 24HROP!