We are thrilled to announce that we are moving on to the next round in our grant application to Angel Charity for Children. The ask is a HUGE one for El Grupo because it would mean we would OWN our clubhouse facility and have it as a home-base and second home for kids for years to come! We NEED YOUR HELP in the process to get selected as the beneficiary….


Sunday, February 4th – In preparation for a site visit from Angel Charity, please join us from 12:30 – 2pm for a clubhouse cleanup. MANDATORY for all Grupo riders after practice – cleaning out of bins, unpacking Pilates equipment, organizing and cleaning all areas in/outside of clubhouse and making some welcome signs for Angels. We will provide pizza for those helping out. Others who can come help, your help is welcome. If we all work together, it should not take long at all. Thanks!


Tuesday, February 6th – The Angel Charity Selection committee will be visiting the clubhouse from 11am – 11:20am on Tuesday. If any kids do not have school, please come! But I don’t want kids to get out of school for such a short visit. I do WANT HELP FROM ALUMNI, STAFF, PARENTS, VOLUNTEERS, etc who can be at the tour. You would need to arrive no later than 10:30am on Tuesday and should be done no later than NOON, if not earlier (depending on how well they run on schedule.) If you are available and willing to help, please comment below or message Daniela info@elgrupocycling.org  I will do all the talking – I just need people to activate the clubhouse – it should be quick and fun!


And if all goes well….this could be in the near future for El Grupo. Thanks for your help!!!

11 Responses to “Do you believe in Angels?!”

  1. Chuck

    That all sounds wonderful! Im sorry, but works prohibits me from being there on either day. I’ll be thinking about you on those days and send my best wishes.

  2. Long family

    Dillon will be available both days I may be available for both days

  3. LisaAnne

    I will try to come Tuesday but our family (including Mostyn) will be at my parents’ house tomorrow.

  4. Maia ingran

    Daniella this is analyzing! I can try and fit it into my day in Tuesday if it would help to have me there. And am als happy to say any number of great things to the site visitors

  5. Dom McGrath

    I cannot help tomorrow (Sunday), nor can Lily (she has a solo viola recital), but I can be there on Tuesday.

  6. Laura

    I can be at the clubhouse on Tuesday from 10:30-12:00.
    Laura (Eve’s mom)

  7. Donald Gerard Hubman

    I’m planning to make it unless something comes up that I can’t move.