I want to sincerely thank everyone who helped to make our clubhouse shine for the Angel Charity visit this week. Whether you helped clean or were there at the visit to “liven” up the space (or both), YOU made a difference.

El Grupo is one of four finalists for the large grant that would purchase our current clubhouse space and make it our own for years to come! Our small panel of presenters will have one last go at the final presentation on February 28th before some 300+ people.


Send good “Grupo-love” vibes our way and out to any Angel members you know! This would be a remarkable moment in the timeline of El Grupo. Thanks!!

4 Responses to “Thank You & On to Final Round!”

  1. Craig Sumberg

    Sorry if I missed this info somewhere but can I confirm that there is NO RIDE tomorrow morning (Saturday)? Also Jordan says that Sunday is some kind of prep day at the 24HOP site, but I haven’t seen any info on that either (meet at clubhouse? what time? What time return to clubhouse?). Thanks for any clarity you can provide.

    • Daniela

      Since this is a BLOG you may have to scroll down to earlier posts to find the information about all practices this week including the weekend.

      Here it is: https://www.elgrupocycling.org/2018/02/rest-week-not-a-throw-away-week/

      Both C team ride today and all team go to 24HOP course to ride and set up tents tomorrow.

      That was posted on Monday. Lots going on this week. Please remind Jordan that it is as much his responsibility to read and know the practice schedule as anyone else’s.

      Hope that helps.

  2. Craig Sumberg

    Thanks Daniela. Still don’t see any info on where 24HOP is—I’ve never attended—or when you want the kids (and/or parents) to be there, or meet at clubhouse, or whatever the plan is. Our family’s specific issue is that there is a walk/run at The Gregory School that starts at 9, we’re all signed up but don’t know whether Jordan can do that AND help at 24HOP. Any input would be appreciated.