Hello everyone! Most of you have met me (Julia) and Erika at our introduction night at the beginning of January. We want to get everyone on the same page so moving forward we can design Academic Hours that really support and help YOU reach your goals in school.

UPDATE: It is now MANDATORY for every rider to attend at least 2 Academic Hour days per semester. This has been agreed upon with Daniela and Ignacio and we are keeping track of who comes. This is considered part of your commitment to the team.

One of these sessions MUST be an Academic Check in. Starting THIS Friday February 9th, Erika and I will be available on Monday and Friday to do 20 minute check-ins with each rider. We aren’t trying to give you extra homework! Erika and I want to get to know all of you and your school schedule better so we can try to create better academic programming for you. The check in is to help us all get on the same page, discuss your semester and upcoming year with you, and start discussing what you need from us to succeed in school.

The link below is for the Doodle poll to sign up for an Academic Check-In time slot. The days are Monday and Friday so it won’t conflict with your rides, and 24HOP and Rodeo weekends are free. Two of the same time slots mean that BOTH Erika and I are available, so we will each see one person. All of the appointments are 1-on-1.


So after you sign up for a check-in, you still have one more mandatory visit to us here at Academic Hours! We are here 4:30 – 6:30 PM on Mondays unless otherwise stated. We would like to organize some subject-specific study groups to help people in similar classes, and that would count towards your semester quota. You are MORE THAN WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED to see us even more!

I am now able to post to the blog, so I will use that to communicate about Academic Hours from here on out. Thanks everyone!

3 Responses to “UPDATES to Academic Hours and Check-Ins!”

    • Julia Liatti

      Camilla, thanks for checking with me. I am in the process of sharing google folders that Erika, myself and the rider can see, but no other rider can see anybody else’s file. We would like you to upload copies of your most current transcripts and any class syllabi you have (a photo is fine if you don’t have an electronic copy). We can only do this for riders who have emails in the EG data base, so if you don’t, please let us know at the appointment what email to use. If you aren’t able to upload beforehand, please bring those to the appointment. Thanks for asking, I hope this clarifies for others as well.

  1. Maddy Mitchell

    I won’t be at practice today, I’m still sick. I plan on coming the rest of the week.