There are so many thank you’s and congratulations that I have give, that I am not going to try. I don’t want for a second to forget anyone, as there were so many who did so much.


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO all of you that came and helped and even those that could not come and help, we are a village and I can’t thank you enough for being a part of it and helping.


Congratulation to everyone to raced this weekend. We have left a mark on Arizona racing and I hope this is just the start.


Training Plan


Tuesday– OFF


Wednesday– 4:30 only. No spandies skills at the park with the U of A cycling team.


Thursday– Road endurance ride


Saturday– Shoot Outs.

C Team ride 7:30am


Sunday– 8 am start. MTB ride

8 am start Road ride

13 Responses to “Week of February the 19th”

  1. Mostyn

    I will miss Sunday’s ride because I will be at my grandmother’s house in Phoenix.

  2. Steve Bohn

    Congrats to all of the El Grupo racers, handlers, coaches, cooks, etc., etc. I checked out many of your laps times and was blown away! Excellent work EVERYONE!

    I will be out of town over Rodeo Break (Thurs-Sun) so will not be help coach / attend practice on Thursday.

  3. Nathaniel

    I am out of town for Rodeo Break (Thursday-Monday). Thank you for the GREAT weekend everybody who helped out over the race. Especially to our handlers, Maya, Erika and Danny!!! Thank you.

  4. Ana

    What a weekend! Thank you!!
    I will not be able to practice this weekend because I’m going to a wedding and then Phoenix.

  5. Ana

    I’d like to do the southern AZ omnium! You asked Wednesday but I completely forgot to let you know

  6. Oliver

    I will not be at shootout on Saturday because my grandparents are in town.