You’ve all heard it. And if you haven’t, you should.

As I approached the final presentation to Angel Charity today with an amazing team of presenters (Luke Murray, Grupito Coach & Alunni; Nancy Jackson, supporter; and Marc Fleischman, Board Chair), I repeated the mantra in my head…

When you step up to the start line (insert: stage, interview, presentation), remember:

“You are not better than anyone else. But no one is better than you, either.”


Coach Ignacio has said this for years, and I want to take a minute to comment on what it means, personally.

I have spent the past 5 months putting together the request to Angel Charity to purchase our clubhouse and ensure that El Grupo and kids we serve have a sustaining center where they belong for years to come. I have had an incredible amount of support and guidance along the way. Many people, including you all reading this, helped in ways that moved me. They helped to remind me of why I was working so hard to get to that final presentation today.


We gave it our all. We had a damn good presentation and everyone there knows that. We were also up against 3 other fantastic non-profits also doing important work in our community. I don’t have a single “shoulda/woulda/coulda” because I know that we deserved to be selected as much as the organization that did.

We didn’t get selected as the finalist this year. And as bummed as I am on one level about it all, I am also so comforted in knowing that I  didn’t hold anything back. (nor did anyone else part of El Grupo)


When you cross the finish line (or walk out of that presentation/interview/exam) and you know that you put the best “you” possible out there, there is no reason to look back – only forward to the next challenge.


8 Responses to “When you step up to the start line…”

  1. Ali

    Thank you for all the passion and care you have put, and continue to put into el Grupo. You inspire all of us.

  2. Kristen Long

    Words can not describe how amazing you and all the efforts put forth by everyone at el Grupo every day – Thank you

  3. Milan

    Thank you. Thank you for all your hard work not just for Grupo but for the whole Tucson community. I just learnt recently from Philippe that you started CSA. You do amazing things!

  4. Rebecca Sotelo

    I love you, and I love el Grupo. Thank you for everything you do. We have much to be thankful for, and much to be proud of. xxx

  5. Willie Joffroy

    Daniela, so very proud of you and the team you put together for the Angel Charity presentation. Your words are true and sincere, from the heart. You are a leader. In life we take our victories with grace and our losses with grace. And you did. Bravo! Un forte abbraccio

  6. Chuck

    Thank you for all you do Daniela! Many more starting lines to go and such a great organization and group of people to do it with. Thank you all!

  7. Laura

    Thanks for everything Daniella and Ignacio. You guys are the best and the whole El Grupo community is lucky to have you.