White Tank Mountain bike race. This was the site of the last High school mountain bike race.


El Grupo kids signed up: Mitchell, Caleb, Jesus, Brayden, Caden, Eve, Oliver, Mostyn, Jordan, Max and Sam Bevier


You can see where you signed up here: https://swsportsreg.com/viewevent.php?EC=456


All boys go off at approx. 10:30am and girls go off at 11:30am.


Arrive on site at 8:30am


Depart clubhouse at 6 am.


Please arrive at 5:45 am to pack up.


Riders bring a change of clothes, plenty of snacks and a lunch. Also if you have compression socks wear them and bring a hat.

2 Responses to “Mountain bike race, White Tanks”

  1. mostyn

    I am going to drive up with my mom, because she is also racing. We will also leave our house at 6:00 so we should arrive at the same time.