All information for the race can be found here:


All information in regards to your category and who else is in it can be found here:


Time Trial on Friday


Staging for this event is at Old Tucson Studios. This is where we will be warming up and will be home base for this event.


All Women start at Noon. Riders go off in 30 second intervals, but the first woman goes off at noon and then all ladies after that.


All Women –  we need to be on site at 10:30am, so we leave the clubhouse at 10am


All riders racing in Junior Age Group Categories or Cat 5 Men we leave the clubhouse at Noon.


All Boys racing in Category groups 4 and 3 leave the clubhouse at 12:30pm.


I will leave the girls at 10am, so I NEED 2 drivers for the other vans. Please let me know.



Road Race Day 


There are two waves for this day


1st Wave– Cat 5 men, Women 3, 4 and 5 and all Juniors


6:45 is the first start time. So like the shoot out. However we need to be in Green Valley so this is stupid early


4:45 depart the clubhouse, so arrive at 4:30


I will drive one van, I need one more driver!!


2nd Wave— Cat 3 and 4 Men

9am start time

Arrive on site at 7:45

Depart clubhouse at 7am

Arrive at 6:45

I need a driver for this van


Sunday Circuit Race

3 waves for this one, but at least we can ride to the start at Pima West.


Women 3,4,5 and Men 5

Leave the clubhouse at 5:30

On site at 6am

Race starts at 6:45

Please riders bring a change of clothes and a lunch. I would like to encourage you all to watch the rest of the races. This is a great way to learn but most importantly a great way to support your teammates and the sport. We will have snacks, drinks, chairs and shade. Parents – feel welcome and encouraged to bring extras of any of that!


2nd Wave

Men 4 and all Juniors

Depart clubhouse at 7am

7:40 arrive at Pima West

8:40 race starts

David Cross will ride with the kids to the start


3rd Wave

Men 3

9am depart clubhouse

9:30 arrive

10:30am Start

Max Cronyn can you lead this group?




7 Responses to “TBC Logistics”

  1. David

    I can ride with the kids leaving the clubhouse at 7am on Sunday.

  2. Nathaniel

    Hey, I as just checking what category I was part of and saw that I was in juniors 15-16. My race age is 14 and I was wondering how I should fix this. Thank you

  3. jeremia

    I won’t be able to do the race Sunday, I won’t be in town.