Thank you parents, coaches and supporters. As a team we provided more volunteers on Sunday than any other organization. I think that is fantastic. I really appreciate and thank all of you for your time and help. I know you are all busy and your support it what allows all the racers and your kids to have such positive race experiences.


Ben Colombi update– He went to the hospital after the crash. When he crashed his helmet cut the back of his head. He received 4 staples in his head, because they did not want to stitch it. He was given a Cat scan and all reports came back positive. When I saw him in the evening he was a bit out of it because of all the drugs they gave him, but he did ask about his bike. Good thing he has Spring Break this week and he will have time to rest and get better. I can’t thank everyone enough who helped in this situation, to the parents and riders who stayed with him. Thank you for your kindness.


I got asked a question the other day by a rider on the team. They said, ” I heard a rumor that you have a “real” job?” The answer is yes. For the last 12 years I have worked with the Pima County Department of Transportation running the Safe Routes to School Program. I am now going to be transferring to the health department, but doing the same work. So yes I work 40 hours a week for the county, then I spent 10 hours each day this weekend coaching and will be taking vacation days to take the kids to the races. Just like all of you amazing parents who worked all week and then spent hours volunteering at the race. So yeah, I have a “Real” job. This is why sometimes I am bit behind with communication and maybe sometimes it seems like I could do better.


There is going to be a lot of information coming below so please hang in there and read:


Upcoming weekends and races: We handed out a calendar earlier in the year with all these dates and I gave another one to your kids not long ago, however I want to make sure everyone is prepared for the weekends to come


Weekend of March 23rd, 24th and 25th San Dimas, California Stage race

March 24th– MBAA Mountain bike race in Phoenix. This will be a drive up and back same day. Please comment if you want to go.


March 31st– AZ State MTB Championships. This is also in Phoenix and will be back and forth in the same day. Please comment if you want to go.


April 7th– Scavenger Hunt. Mandatory for all to participate and to pay for registration.

April 8th– Cyclovia. We could use some volunteer help, and encourage all families to enjoy!


April 14th and 15– Duncan, Arizona. Arizona State Road Race Championships. This will be leave on Friday night camp, and return on Sunday (possibly Saturday if needed for swap meet)

April 15th– Swap meet. We will need a lot of volunteer help as always for this.


April 18th- 22nd Tour of the Gila. Super select race


April 28th and 29th– Whiskey Off road, Mountain bike race in Prescott. This is a camping race where we leave on Friday afternoon and return on Sunday.


Training Plan this week. We are going to have regular practice times. Many kids do not have Spring Break and most of the coaches do not either.


Tuesday– MTB at Barrio for those maybe doing the race on the weekend or who want to

Easy road ride for all San Dimas kids


Wednesday– 4:30 Only and MTB only. Fun endurance trail day


Thursday– Short track MTB fun



26 Responses to “Thank you, and more to come”

  1. Ana

    What a weekend! What a team!
    I would love to help at the Swap Meet!

  2. Jeremia

    Im not in town so i won’t go to either race this weekend

  3. Ali

    Ignacio, the GABA Bike Swap FB page for the swap says 4/15. Is this a different event on the 8th?

  4. Maddy Mitchell

    I won’t be to practice for the week; I’m going to Disney land. I would like to do both mountain bike races and help at the swap meet.

  5. Michael

    I will be at Tuesday barrio and Thursday practice. I would like to do the whiskey off road . I wish Ben a good recovery.

  6. Caleb

    I would like to do MBAA and AZ state mtb championships. I will be there Tuesday and Thursday practice. I should be in town for the swap meet but if anything changes I will let you know.

  7. Max and Sam

    We would like to do San Demis and The MBAA State championships.

  8. Catherine James

    Ignacio, thanks for the update on Ben. So happy to hear that Ben is going to be fine….he gave us all quite a scare. We are hoping for a speedy recovery and he is in our thoughts 🙂

  9. Dillon

    I would like to go to San Dimas, and the next weekend the AZ state MTB race

  10. Jesus

    I’d like to do MBAA this weekend and MTB state champs next weekend.
    I wont be at practice this week, we are going to the ranch then to Phoenix.

  11. Braydenjames

    I would like to do the MBAA rcae this weekend and the MTB state championship the next week thank you!!!

  12. Caden

    I would like to do the MBAA race this coming weekend and the MTB state championship the next weekend as well.

  13. Eve

    I would like to do the MBAA race on the 24th and the State champ race on the 31st. I can help at the swap meet as well.

  14. Oliver

    I would like to do MBAA and MTB state championships please.

  15. Mostyn Trudinger-Smith

    I would like to do both the weekend mountain bike races.

  16. Jordan Sumberg

    Ignacio, I would like to do the MBAA race in Phoenix. However, on the calendar, you gave me, you said that I am only doing the races you circled but you did not circle the MBAA race. However, I would like to do it anyway and hope that’s okay. Moreover, I will not be able to do the AZ state race, a race you circled that I should do, due to familial obligations. Thanks for understanding.

  17. Estevan

    I can’t do the MBAA on the 24th due to family obligation.
    I would like to do the AZ State MTB Championships on the 31st please.

  18. Lily McGrath

    I cannot be at practice today (Thursday). I am in Phoenix with my family.