Road Ride– Leaving the clubhouse at 8am. Riding out to Colossal Cave. You will do two laps of the race course and roll in. This will be a solid endurance ride. Max is back and will lead. This ride is for everyone who did Valley and wants to do San Dimas as well. So this should be a slew of fast boys.


Daniel Yakushevish is also going to be on the ride and leading a B group within it. Ana will be riding with him, so not really a B group, more like a fast ladies ride. So if you want to road ride you have to be able to keep up with her. Good luck with that.


MTB ride– Matt Jones and Ali will be leading this ride. Please arrive at clubhouse at 7:30 am and be packed and ready to leave by 8 am. Please someone make sure that the water jugs are full in each van.


Matt Jones will lead the ride for kids who think they are going to do the UCI MTB race or that could or should. So this will be a fast ride. 3 hours of real pedaling.


Ali will lead the ride for all others. Good news is this is an out and back. So everyone rides the same trail until the time says turn around. Matt Jones will then be sweep.


The ride will be three hours of pedaling. Next weekend at the Cactus Cup the race on Saturday is long. We all need this one last ride to prepare.


I will not be able to be on the ride, so please everyone come ready to work hard, help out, and be on best behavior.

6 Responses to “Two rides on Sunday”

  1. Max & Sam

    We are hanging out with our Grandparents this weekend

  2. Nathaniel

    I’m sorry i coudnt make Saturday. I plan to do the mtb ride with Ali, though, please.

  3. Oliver

    I won’t be able to make the Sunday ride because I have a lot of school work that has to be done tomorrow.

  4. Mostyn

    I can’t make today’s ride because I’m going skiing with my family.