Happy Friday! Good luck to everyone on your Whiskey adventures this weekend!

Reminder: Next week on WEDNESDAY MAY 2nd is a REQUIRED workshop for high school riders. You are EXCUSED from normal practice so you can come work with Erika on getting resumes in tip top shape for future applications.

  1. Who: current high school riders
  2. What: workshop to help you get a great resume together and practice filling out applications
  3. When: Wednesday May 2nd from 4:30 – 6:00PM
  4. Where: El Grupo Clubhouse, Academic Hours space
  5. Why: to give you a head start on job hunting and creating resumes for future applications
  6. You should bring: a laptop (if you have one, it’s fine if you don’t), writing utensils and a gung-ho attitude (or at least a productive one).
  7. This counts as 1 of your 2 Academic Hours visits!

We aren’t trying to nit-pick you. We just want to do some practical, applicable activities with you since we know summer is coming and people will look for jobs. If there is ANY conflict that would prevent you from coming to practice and the workshop, please CONTACT US before the workshop.

We look forward to seeing everyone! Fun fact: On April 27, 1961 the West African country Sierra Leone was granted independence from the United Kingdom and Milton Margai was the first Prime Minister.

2 Responses to “Don’t forget: May 2 = all high school rider workshop!!”

    • Julia Liatti

      Thanks Lori, he gave me a head’s up when I first posted so it won’t be a problem. As long as he drops in to see us again at least once more or bring some work to do, he’s all set.