Greetings! I deliver updates and hope this will be the first of many workshops Erika and I can put together for you.

Wednesday May 2nd is a required activity for high school riders, which Ignacio and Daniela have both approved. The quick version:

  1. Who: current high school riders
  2. What: workshop to help you get a great resume together and practice filling out applications
  3. When: Wednesday May 2nd from 4:30 – 6:00PM
  4. Where: El Grupo Clubhouse, Academic Space
  5. Why: to give you a head start on job hunting and creating resumes for future applications
  6. You should bring: a laptop (if you have one, it’s fine if you don’t), writing utensils and a gung-ho attitude (or at least a productive one).

The longer version: As it says, on May 2nd Erika will be leading a workshop for all current high school riders to get you practicing resume writing and completing job applications. Summer is coming, and there aren’t enough spots for all riders to do SBC every week, so people will have to look for other options. Let Erika help you begin the process by getting an awesome resume together! It’s a great chance to bounce ideas around and get in-person, real-time feedback.

We scheduled this during a normal practice time so there wouldn’t be conflicts, since people already plan to be at the clubhouse at those times. We picked that day because it’s a recovery week after all your hard work in race season, so you won’t cut into training and have a chance to change gears.

As always, call/text/email/find us if you need to discuss it or have an issue — we can work together and resolve it!

Happy Tuesday! Fun Fact: April 1oth, 1847 is the birthday of Joseph Pulitzer, a Hungarian-American journalist who funded the famed Pulitzer prize for journalism and founded the company that owns our very own Arizona Daily Star newspaper.

4 Responses to “High School Rider Resume Workshop Wednesday May 2nd”

  1. Caleb

    I won’t be here on May 2nd. I will be flying to Peru to hike Machu Picchu.

    • Julia Liatti

      No problem, thanks for giving us a heads up. You are welcome to send one of us a resume and get some feedback before or after your trip, or arrange a time to come in and work on it with us in person.