We have been kindly asked to not participate with this ride anymore.


At this time I think we should respectfully adhere to the desires of some on that ride.


Moving forward please have a conversation with the coaches who are in town about this weekend.


I think many of you are ready to try the Oldest Man, and if you are not, here is my proposition.


Lets start yet another ride on that same route. 7 minutes before the Old Man. We could have coaches, parents and supporters join us that maybe also get dropped on the Old Man, but that want a good ride. If this group starts with this advantage I think they would not catch the Oldest Man, but then they could get to the bridge before the Old Man, and then maybe try and jump in with the Old Man.


That is my attempt at a compromise. All please comment about what you think might be best, acknowledging that the Oldest Man is off the table.

4 Responses to “No more Oldest Man Shoot Out”

  1. Nathaniel

    Shoot. That really sucks. That was my favorite ride. I don’t think that I am quite ready for the old man yet, but I would be willing to try the other wt ate go where we would start 7 minutes before the old man. Thank you for trying to fix this Ignacio.

  2. Susie

    Wow, this is is huge bummer. I thought we were making progress with them. Sorry if we pushed it far and upset them. I am up for the 7 minutes before the old man and then catching on to them at the bridge. Thanks for the update, again sorry if we pushed the limits to far.