A Note from Pam. I know many of you have attended one in the past and so you know how fun these are. If you can make it, please sign up



Right now none of the El Grupo/Grupito kids/mothers have signed up for the Ride Like a Girl event this Saturday from 7am to noon.  Would you mind sending another email to the kids to remind them to sign up through the attached link.  FWB is making up goodie bags so we need an accurate account of registered participants.

Thanks so much.

11 Responses to “Ride Like A Girl!!”

  1. Judy

    The 3 Bevier Ladies have signed up and are super excited!

  2. Madison

    Will there be a group leaving the clubhouse and riding down to Fairwheel tomorrow?

  3. Pamela Patterson

    Thank you to everyone who participated in the Ride Like a Girl event – mothers, daughters, friends, coaches etc., were awesome. Many were impressed with your leadership and skills on the bike. Me too!