Sunday – NO Rides! 

ALL!! Sign up to help out at the SWAP MEET please!!!

We need a few riders and parents per each hour shift – and if everyone pitches in, it is a good time and easy for all – SIGN UP!  Thanks!


BAKED GOODS! We are now known for your awesome baking, so PLEASE PLEASE match a batch of cookies, brownies, muffins, or whatever you like to sell as individually wrapped items at the SWAP! Please BRING TO CLUBHOUSE on Saturday before/after your ride or Sunday when you arrive for your shift!



Summer is coming and race season is winding down, so now we are looking towards our next bike adventures. For El Grupito, our end-of-the-season party is coming in May, and for El Grupo we are looking towards Durango.

We are looking for YOUR help to secure the funding we need to make all that happen! Tucson Conquistadores do a charity raffle every year, and we have an opportunity to raise money for our plans by helping them sell raffle tickets. They awarded El Grupo a large grant in 2017 and this is one way that we can work together to help get funded by them again in 2018!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Each rider will get 3 raffle tickets to sell.
  2. Each ticket can be sold to anyone for $10. They keep the larger portion and you keep the ticket stub. We recommend putting the money in an envelope just for that purpose.
  3. When we give you the tickets, you will pay $30, the cost of all 3 tickets.
  4. If you sell all 3, you can ask for more.
  5. The deadline to bring back unsold tickets or stubs of sold tickets and the money collected is MAY 10th.  
  6. Whatever tickets you don’t sell but bring back (whole) at the deadline, you will not be charged for.
  7. There will be PRIZES for the top 3 sellers, and a pizza party for everyone who submits the ticket stubs and money by the deadline!
  8. For all Grupito riders that want to go on the Flagstaff trip, you must give back the tickets or hand in the stubs and money by the deadline!
  9. For all Grupo riders that want to go on the Durango trip, you must give back the tickets or hand in the stubs and money by the deadline!

This is a great opportunity to help with some of the behind-the-scenes activities that help fund El Grupo and keep us going, and to help the Tucson Conquistadores. We’ll be handing out tickets this week. PLEASE come with CASH OR CHECK or you can pre-pay for your tickets online here.