All vans will be leaving at 8am.


Mostyn is going with family a bit later in the day, and Madison and Ana have to be in school all day and will be driving up late. So if you need a ride please consult with them. However at this point they along with Caleb are the only ones who need to leave later.


So all vans will be leaving at 8am.


I will have gear lists tomorrow but it should be pretty straight forward.


We will be returning on Sunday after breakfast.




7 Responses to “Vans for Whiskey”

  1. Ali

    I’m headed to Prescott after work in Phoenix Thursday. Will you be including the camp location and logistics info in the gear list email?

  2. Amy

    And as discussed, Lily will be leaving with me later that Friday morning since she needs to attend part of school on Friday….

  3. Becki

    Madison will be with me after school on Friday as she must attend school. Thanks.

  4. Daniela

    We will all be camping at Hilltop campground in Prescott. Will add a map today and site numbers.

  5. Lily M.

    I won’t be coming this weekend to the Whiskey, but instead will be going to the city track meet. good luck everybody!