This is it. The end of the season is before us. All the work you have put in will now be put on show. All the mornings you woke up early, all the nights you cut short, all the little sacrifices you made through out the season will now come back to grant you the strength and ability to participate in the hardest races of the year.


Gila Riders– An email has been sent to all of you by Daniela, please read it carefully and be ready for a great trip.


Training Plan 


Tuesday– Gila riders– pre race spin with one A mtn to keep you loose.

Whiskey riders– Endurance MTB

Gila Cat 3 boys– we are driving out


Wednesday– Gila riders– you all are in the van driving

Whiskey– 4:30 only. MTB endurance


Thursday– Only Whiskey riders left in town. Endurance road ride.


Saturday– C team ride. 6:30am start

Shoot out– NO MORE OLDEST MAN SHOOT OUT. Your choices are Big Boy at 6:30 or Early/Old Man at 6:15 ONLY. Or you do Colin’s C team ride. No exceptions!


Sunday– Are any coaches around who can lead a good mtb ride? Please respond. I would love to get them out for a solid big ride. They then will have the week easy, next week.

7 Responses to “Week of April 16th and looking ahead to Whiskey”

  1. Ali

    Regarding Sunday: How many kids will be in town to do a big ride? Is there a particular location you’d like to send them if you have enough coaches?

  2. Rebecca Sotelo

    Daniela can you please send me the Gila email again, I inadvertently threw it out, I’m so sorry….thank you, Becky

  3. madison

    I will not be at the Saturday ride i have a school field trip

  4. ignacio rivera de rosales

    Great questions Ali.

    I suppose in my ideal world we could get the kids out to Mt Hopkins or at least the AZT heading north from Gabe Zimmerman. Hopkins is great to get the kids ready for the climb and the AZT is great for getting kids ready for the technical parts. However there are not many coaches around and you have to drive to both of these locations. So those are the limiters. I have no idea what others coaches are around, that is why I asked for input. If we cannot drive to these locations then really a solid ride from Starr Pass to Robles is not bad at all.

    • Ali

      If the group is small, I can drive one van to either location. I hope there will be other coaches available as well.