It sure was nice to be home for a weekend. I really appreciated my bed, the shoot out, and just getting to ride. I hope you all feel the same way and are excited for the last few races of the season.


There a kids going to many different races coming up so please find the training plan that pertains to you:


Whiskey Only– You all need to just get super comfortable climbing and grinding. For Whiskey you need to be able to ride steady and strong for a long time. So you are all going to work on your Endurance and tempo riding up hill.


Tuesday– Road Bikes. 5 A Mtns

Wednesday– 3:45 and 4:30 Endurance MTB

Thursday– Endurance MTB


Gila and Whiskey riders– If you are doing both then really I am going to focus on getting you ready for Gila, with the assumption that if you finish Gila you are going to be in amazing shape and that, that fitness will easily take you through Whiskey. However to be ready for the rigors of Gila you all need to do some focused work.


Tuesday– Road bikes VO2  intervals

Wednesday– Tempo Ride. 3:45 and 4:30 options. 3:45 there will be both road bike and mtb options. No one better than the other

Thursday– TT bike intervals.


Then there is a small group of you who are doing Bonelli, Gila and Whiskey. If this is you, hold on. This is a crazy amount of racing and your recovery is the most important thing ever. Please recover harder than anyone else. If you do not prioritize it, you will fall apart at the end. Recover hard when you are supposed to.


Tuesday– Road bike vo2 intervals

Wednesday– 3:45 and 4:30 MTB endurance

Thursday– TT intervals not on TT bike



Weekend plans to come after coaches meeting on Thursday night.


Saturday– Biggest race of the year. SCAVENGER HUNT. Everyone has to ride. Also many of you will ride to the bridge and back first on the Shoot outs.

5 Responses to “Week of April 2nd”

  1. Nathaniel

    I will not be able to attend practice on Tuesday because I’m in Sedona with my family. Thanks

  2. Caleb

    I won’t be at practice today because I am hanging out with family but I will be there in thursday.