Thank you everyone who came out to the Scavenger Hunt. I really hope everyone had a good time.


Training Plan


I have noticed quite a few tired faces the last couple of days and I want to be very careful to not cook you all before such big events. I truly want you all to compete at the level that you hope to.


I am going to be conservative this week with the plan, I am confident that if you have put the time in, that you are ready to go, and if you have not, then there is not enough time anyways.


Again there will be a few plans so please read:


Tuesday– If you are riding Gila or Bonelli. Then you are off. I would suggest you come to the clubhouse and clean and prep your race bikes.

If you are doing Whiskey then I am going to keep you riding this week, and then give you next week as the break week. So Whiskey riders you are on a MTB endurance ride.


Wednesday– Bonelli riders– chill mtb day

Gila Endurance on TT bikes

Whiskey– 4:30 only mtb endurance


Thursday– Bonelli you are all in the car driving.

Gila– Recovery day. May the taper begin

Whiskey– Road bike endurance ride


Friday– Bonelli riders pre ride the course with some openers.


Saturday– C Team ride. 7am

Gila– This is your last big day, feel good and fast

Whiskey– If you ride shoot out then, shoot out


One more thing, this weekend is the State Championship Road race in Duncan, Arizona. There are only juniors signed up the 13/14 boys category, so I was thinking about inviting a few of you. Caden James, Estevan, Leonardo, Nathanial, Thorstan. Did I miss a 13/14 boy? If I did, you are welcome to go. We could drive to Duncan on Friday after school, then race on Saturday and be back for Saturday Dinner. Boys please tell me ASAP if you would like to go.


Gila riders– If you are a Cat 3 men, then we will be leaving on Tuesday mid day. I would like to leave at 1pm, so that you all have a chance to ride into town.

If you are a women or cat 4 man then we are going to leave on Wednesday, hopefully mid day as well, so that you can do the same thing.


If you ride into town, then you get to ride half of the TT course and shake out the legs.


Whiskey riders– I want to encourage you all to leave Friday morning, thus missing the whole day of school. We want to leave the clubhouse at 8am.


For both Gila and Whiskey I will put a blog post together and email with more information, I just wanted to get this first bit out. I have been talking with all drivers and coaches about this, and I wanted to get everyone talking about it.

16 Responses to “Week of April 9th”

  1. Lily M.

    I won’t be able to come on Tuesday, I have a track and field meet

  2. Nathaniel Cross

    I would be happy to do the Duncan Road Race this weekend. What should I do for practice this week, though?

  3. Nathaniel

    I would be happy to do the Duncan Road Race thank you. But what should I do for practice this week?

  4. ignacio rivera de rosales

    Great question Nathaniel. You guys should ride on Wednesday and Thursday. Road bikes

  5. Jordan Sumberg

    I don’t know if this applies to me but, on the calendar, you handed out to me it said I should do the Duncan so can I? Thanks

  6. Madison

    I won’t make it to the shoot out on Saturday ACT test that day

  7. Kaileen

    My ankle still isn’t up for riding, but I will be at practice today.

  8. Caden James

    I’m going to pass on the Duncan race and just do the Shootout.

  9. Ana

    I will also be taking the ACT on Saturday so will not make it to the shootout.