I just wanted to confirm with everyone who is signed up and the distance. I know I have told some kids incorrectly that they are signed up or there distances so I apologize for that


Distance Name
30 Brayden James
30 Caden James
30 Caleb Huggins
50 Chuck Barclay (adult)
30 Eve Yockey
50 Kajeme Murrieta
50 Lily Vitt
30 Maddy Mitchell
50 Madison Major
50 Max Bevier
30 Micheal Jansky
30 Mostyn Trudinger-Smith
50 Oliver Clark
50 Richard Knutson (adult)
50 Rogan James
50 Sam Bevier
50 Susie King
50 Ana Quintana-Bernal
Damiano Rivera de rosales
50 Dillon Long
50 Ignacio Rivera de rosales (adult)
50 Izaac Adams
50 Izzie Adams
50 Jeremiah Petz
30 Jesus Amaya
30 Jordan Sumberg
50 Kaileen Williams
50 Myles Walker
30 Nathaniel Cross

6 Responses to “Who is signed up and distances”

  1. Lori

    Where can we get the waiver? Is there one online or do I get one from the clubhouse?

    • Daniela

      That was a dated list…we are all good to go. Thanks for asking. I deleted that column so it is not confusing.

  2. Pamela Patterson

    I will be camping with the team and bringing my own tent.

  3. Nick King

    I am driving up in the afternoon Friday, and have space to drive a few juniors.

  4. Nathaniel

    I will not be able to arrive tomorrow until about 7:15 instead of 7:00 due to my mom’s work schedule.