We all know the Chinese symbol that is Ying and Yang. It has become a piece of pop culture in the USA. I often think back to its meaning to find peace.


So these past few days I spent in Silver City with the team were exceptional. They could not have gone better. The kids all raced as a team, working for each other, and believing in each other. I was the proudest coach on the planet because of how we raced. We also achieved some impressive results, but they were all born out of respect for each other, which means the most to me. Not only did we race proud, the kids were also super helpful and respectful all weekend, helping around the house and generally just being polite. We also had parents from graduated kids come and eat with us and enjoy the racing, the family atmosphere was strong. I want to thank everyone who came and participated. I had a great time.


I suppose in an ideal world I could report back everyday, using this platform, as to how we raced and how things went down. The reality is that at the races there is a ton to do, and not a lot of down time.


But of course there is the other side. This weekend things got confusing on Sunday and it is clear that I messed up. I was hoping that the blog could be used organically by all to get a ride going. I have learned that, this is not the way to do it. I have to make firm statements as to when everything is and not think to allow for adjustments. I apologize for creating the confusion because of not being clear.


This means though that starting in June practice attendance and communication will have to become much more mandatory and intentional. Right now every day before practice I have no idea who is going to show up, rider wise. I have no ability to plan or to communicate with coaches as to who is coming and how to make groups. So please be prepared for things to  change and for attendance to no longer be optional. This sense of optional has created the culture that you can show up whenever you want and to take off whenever you want. This then has lead to the inability to plan rides or to communicate with coaches.


The only way to set rides in advance is to know what I am planning for. To plan I have to know who is coming and what coaches I might have. The conditions we have now do not allow for this to happen, so change must ensue.


Training Plan


Tuesday– If you rode Gila, please take the day to rest, unpack and rest.

All others MTB endurance ride


Wednesday– 3:45 MTB endurance ride

4:30 MTB endurance ride


Thursday– OFF.


Friday– Leaving for Prescott


There will be no weekend rides for kids in town. Almost all coaches and volunteers will be gone.


1st vans leaving at 8am.


How many would like a van to leave at 11am?


Please post by this evening, if 8 kids want to leave at 11am, then there will be a van, if not we will need all vans to leave at 8am.

16 Responses to “Ying and Yang of Life”

  1. Susie

    I will be going at 8am. Hope you had a good weekend at gila.

  2. Estevan

    I will be away on a class trip Wednesday through Saturday. If there is a ride Sunday I can go.

  3. Mostyn

    I am going to drive up with my parents at 8 am on Friday. Where are we camping?

  4. Jane M. Berger

    Great job racing at the Gila, Grupos! Impressed is too small of a word to describe for your collective racing spirit! See you next week.

  5. Rebecca Sotelo

    Coach, Ethan S is concerned about missing school on Friday and not being prepared to do a MTB ride. I have encouraged him to speak to you directly.

  6. Lori

    We are trying to determine what Caleb is going to do. Most likely he will ride in the 11 am bus (unless his school is canceled, then he can go at 8 am). Because he is missing so much school for our trip I have to clear any additional absences with his school administration.