I know this is finals week. I hope you are all prepared and ready to go. Freaking out now and trying to cram probably wont help, so I hope you all did the work already.


Thank you everyone for coming to the team party and graduation. It really is a pleasure to enjoy a meal with all of you. It is a special experience to have you all together.


We have a long beautiful summer ahead of us and really hope to take advantage of it.


I understand if folks cannot come this week, but of course I always hope for perfect attendance.


Training plan


Tuesday– Cross Training

Wednesday– Cross Training

Thursday– OFF

Friday– 7:30 am Mountain bike ride.


Saturday– Shoot out if you like. Colin C team ride?


Sunday– MTB ride. 6 am meet up at clubhouse

15 Responses to “Finals week and then its finally over”

  1. Sam & Max

    We have school on Friday. So we won’t be attending the ride.

  2. Estevan

    I’ll be at practice Tuesday and Wednesday and ride on Saturday.

  3. Kieran Douglas

    I plan to come on Tuesday and Friday. I’ll be out of town from Saturday to Wednesday.

  4. Jordan Sumberg

    I will try to come this Tuesday and would like to go MTBing on Friday, However, my bike is already on the moving truck and so I will need one.

  5. Nathaniel

    I will not be able to attend practice this week because of school events and family trips. Thanks for a fun party!

  6. Madison

    Summer time!!!! I will be there starting Friday!!!!!

  7. Colin

    As I’ve been saying for months ❤️ I’m leaving for Portland early in the morning on Saturday so I unfortunately can’t lead a ride. Have a wonderful month of June everyone and enjoy bike camp, I’m really going to miss y’all and miss doing bike camp!

  8. Ana

    I will not be there on Friday but because i still school but I will be there the other days!!

  9. Eve

    I can’t make it Wednesday, I have a orthodontist appt.

  10. Rebecca Sotelo

    Ethan will not be there Friday, but he will be there Saturday and Sunday…..the boy is going to work with his dad during the week until he starts El Grupo Summer Camp.

  11. Jesus Amaya

    I cannot go friday because it is mu last day of school, but I will be there saturday

  12. Mostyn

    Sorry I couldn’t make it today, my grandmother is in town. I won’t be there on Saturday but I will be there on sunday.