Reset over. I really needed it as well. Having these last two weeks to decompress and take some time off was super helpful.  I hope everyone enjoyed the time as well and was able to get all of their school business in good order so that you can all finish strong.


I am well aware that there are still some finals for many of you. However I am also aware that moving and getting to see friends and having a chance to laugh and exercise is also good to help you prepare for you finals.


So this week we are going to start moving again. This week I want to focus on getting you all ready for the hard cross training of the summer camp weeks. When camp starts cross training is going to be hard, but to be safe we all need to understand form. This week and next week we are going to have some form sessions so we don’t get hurt and we can really make the cross training count.


Also some of you have special training plans because of Nationals and L’Abitibi please follow those plans.


I have broken you up into three training groups so please find you name and come on the appropriate days.


Group A– Ana, Dillon, Ethan Sotelo, Izzie, Jack, Kaileen, Kajeme, Lily Vitt, Madison, Max, Quinn, Rogan, Sam, Unai


Group B– Benedict, Brayden, Caden, Caleb, Eve, Izaac, Maddy, Mostyn, Myles, Oliver, Susie


Group C– Kieran, Thorstan, Sheela, Nathaniel, Micha, Lily McGrath, Leonardo, Jesus, Estevan, Camilla,



Training Plan


On each day two groups will be going through the training with Daniela. The other group will be with Ignacio. You will be handing in your lights and High School jerseys, also we will be preparing the clubhouse for Summer bike camp. Each group will have 45 minutes with Daniela.


Tuesday– Group A and C.


Wednesday– Group A and B


Thursday– Group B and C


Weekend– Sunday the 20th Team Party

Team Party – Sunday, May 20th 5pm – 7pm– This will be a fun celebration, graduation party, and delivery of important summer and fall plan information. PLEASE ATTEND – Parents, riders, siblings – don’t let your kid tell you not to come – this is for all! @Catalina Terrace Pool – PLAN ON SWIMMING!

Catalina Terrace Pool – 2440 E Hedrick Dr, Tucson, AZ 85719

PLEASE BRING A DISH TO SHARE! Salads, fruit, beverages, etc. El Grupo will provide vegetarian and meat main dish options and all plates, utensils, etc. NO GLASS PLEASE!



Does anyone want to MTB on the weekend? Sunday Shred fest before the party?

17 Responses to “Reset Over– Time to Begin anew”

  1. Amy

    I am sorry if I have missed something, but do we have any details about the Sunday party time, location, etc? If so, please tell me where to look for that information. Thanks!

    • Daniela

      It has been in the past insider newsletter and blog posts. I’ll add that info to this post, too

  2. Nathaniel

    I will not be able to come in Tuesday because of a Band Concert. Should I come Wednesday instead? Thanks.

    • Daniela

      Yes, that is fine. Just looking for two opportunities for each rider if that works with your schedule.

  3. Chuck

    What time are these practices with Daniela please? Are they still afternoon? Please advise. Thanks!

    • Daniela

      All practices this week and next remain that NORMAL practice times – 4:30 – 6pm each day Tuesday through Thursday.

      • Chuck

        Cool. I’m going to ride Mtb with Lily on Tuesday. I’ll let Ignacio know.

  4. Oliver

    I will not be in town Wednesday or Thursday. I would also love to go mountain biking on Sunday!

  5. Rebecca Sotelo

    What are form sessions and what should the kids wear?
    Ethan S would like to ride on Sunday.

  6. Kieran

    I will not be able to make the tuesday practice because of finals but i should be there thursday. I would also love to do a mountainbike ride on Sunday!

  7. Eve

    I can’t make it today but I should be able to go wed and thurs

  8. myles

    I have a school event and will not be able to come to practice.

  9. Mostyn Trudinger-Smith

    sorry I wasn’t at practice today, my grandma is in town for my birthday.