I do very much hope that everyone can attend. This is a time to celebrate all the amazing accomplishments of the year and to send off our Seniors and friends who are moving away.


I do hope for perfect attendance.


Also to enter the part you must have two things:


Your High School Jersey




Your Commuter lights.


I know some of you turned in these two items all ready, however many of you have not. Please look through your things and please bring them back.


I am excited to see you all soon

2 Responses to “Team Party on the 20th”

  1. Daniela

    The party info did go out in the insider newsletter last week. Here is it is again:

    Team Party – Sunday, May 20th 5pm – 7pm – This will be a fun celebration, graduation party, and delivery of important summer and fall plan information. PLEASE ATTEND – Parents, riders, siblings – don’t let your kid tell you not to come – this is for all! @Catalina Terrace Pool – PLAN ON SWIMMING! More details forthcoming