Damiano’s Birthday was on the 26th, so we got out of town from Sunday to Monday to enjoy a day together out in the woods by the Chiricahua Monument.


This week we are starting legit cross training. We are going to start working very hard and getting stronger, while learning about our bodies.


Just like all the other training we do, consistency is paramount. Each week and workout builds off of what has been done previous so I really hope, as always, to have great attendance.


Also if you are going to vacation this summer, I really encourage each of you to come and speak with me beforehand if you would like and enjoy some guidance for training.


The season seems far away but before you know it, it will be here.


Weeks Activities


 Tuesday at 7am – 8am with cross training with Daniela! Be there!


Wednesday is also cross training at 9am and First Aid/CPR to follow. Plan on 9am – 2pm on Wednesday, May 30th! You received that info in hand and spoken at the team meeting. Be there, please!


Thursday– Morning MTB ride. We will confirm time on Wednesday


Weekend update to come

2 Responses to “This coming week”

  1. Rebecca Sotelo

    Ethan will definitely be there Wednesday and he will be attending weekend rides. He will be working during the week for the next two weeks and unable to attend practice during the week.

  2. Thorsten

    I have a doctor’s appointment in the morning. I will not be there till 11:30