HELLO EL GRUPO!  Below is the schedule with for the Endurance Block starting on 7/1 and ending on 7/15.  PLEASE READ.
MTB RIDES – Sunday and Thursday
ROAD RIDES – Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday (Mt. Lemmon ride with Ralph)
7/1 – MTB – 5:45am to 10am:  Lynn (LEAD COACH), Kelly, Nick, Ali, Chuck, Deidra
7/3 – ROAD – 5:45am to 8am:  Morgan (LEAD COACH), Kim, Ron, Justine, Donovan, Nick (tentatively), Steve (tentatively)
7/4 – ROAD – 5:30am to 9am- ML RIDE with Ralph:  Morgan (LEAD COACH), Michael R., Lynn, David, Donovan, Justine, Nick
7/5 – MTB – 5:45am to 8am – Short track via 36th:  Morgan (LEAD COACH), Pam, Donovan, Matt, Nick (tentatively), Deidra
7/7 – ROAD – 5:30am to 9am: Lynn (LEAD COACH), Natalie, Ron (C ride), Jesus, Donovan
7/8 – MTB – 5:45am to 10am:  Lynn (LEAD COACH), Jesus, Donovan, Michael T., Ali, Chuck, Deidra
7/10 – ROAD – 5:45am to 8am: Lynn (LEAD COACH), Kim, Ron, Justine
7/11 – ROAD – 5:30am to 9am – ML Ride with Ralph: Morgan (LEAD COACH), Steve, Lynn, Justine
7/12 – MTB  – 5:45am to 8am – Short track via 36th: Lynn (LEAD COACH), Steve, Pam, David, Matt, Deidra
7/14 – ROAD – 5:45am to 9am: Natalie, Ron (C ride), Pam, Michael T., NEED LEAD COACH
7/15 – MTB – 5:45am to 10am: Lynn (LEAD COACH), Nick, Chuck, Deidra
Thank you.

8 Responses to “ENDURANCE BLOCK 7/1 to 7/15”

  1. Kieran

    I plan to be at the Sun and Tues ride. I go on vacation with my family after that. Back on 7/18/18

  2. Shannon

    Myles and Daniel will be away until July 1-12. Sorry to miss all the fun. Thank you, thank you to all of the amazing coaches signed up for these rides. We are so lucky to have you all and appreciate your commitment to riding and coaching our kids.

  3. Madison

    Monday-Thursday’s I work at 6 am wont make thoes rides this week

  4. paul

    Hey guys,
    Sam and Max will be away July 5-16 on vacation.

  5. Beth

    Elliot will be on vacation July 7-Aug 1.
    He will attend practices until July 7. He is bummed to miss most of these rides.

  6. Becki

    I’m thinking that Mt. Lemmon will be very heavily traveled on the 4th. In my opinion, not very safe for our riders. Maybe an alternative plan for that day?


    For the July 5th ride, I won’t be able to pick up ice and deliver it to the clubhouse. Just a heads up!


  8. Brayden

    Will there be a ride other then the shootout tomorrow?