Friday morning– 6 am start.


Everyone not working camp this is expected.


If you are working camp, then it is optional. It has been a long week. Please come if you know you can have the proper energy for camp.


Saturday– 5:38 C Team with Coach Luke.

5:45 am Old Man

6 am Big Kid


Sunday– Coaches I need two people to drive to Mt Lemmon and take a crew for the Prison camp run.

I would like to take the newer kids on a different ride.


Coaches who is available?


7 Responses to “Friday Morning Work out and Weekend”

  1. Rebecca Sotelo

    Ethan S will not be there tomorrow, but he will be there Saturday and Sunday.

  2. Beth S

    Will the -new to the team kids- be riding both Saturday and Sunday mornings?

  3. Camilla

    I will not be able to make it at all this weekend due to previous commitments

  4. Jesus

    I won’t be at the rides this weekend. We have plans with my family.