But good news—- We have excellent coaches and volunteers who are going to be around and very excited to ride with you.


Tomorrow there is an MTB ride that leaves at 6 am, so please arrive early and ready.


The week of June 25th is a rest week. Enjoy some time off and find your favorite pool with your friends.


Then, starting Sunday the 1st of July, it is game on. Your High School Mountain Bike season starts. Don’t think it is far off. It’s not. Don’t think you have time to wait– you don’t.


You want to put the time in because you all deserve to have a great season, yet no great season is born while sitting on the couch.


July is going to be a base month. We are going to put the time in to build our endurance. This will be done with a mixture of road riding and mountain biking. The more time you put in the stronger you will get. Also seek to have good rides. Each ride will be approx 2 hours long. If you soft pedal then you will not get the desired outcome. I am not saying drill it, but don’t soft pedal. You should come back from these rides tired. Also, I encourage you all to follow the post ride strength routine Daniela put together below. When you come back from the ride, keeping up with the strength training would be ideal.


Post-Ride Core Strength & Stretch: 10 minutes TOTAL

10 of each of the following “SUPER” moves

  • Superman (lying face down – lengthen out and lift)
  • Spiderman (bring knee to same elbow, alternating, on either forearms or in plank – can add pushups)
  • Crank Plank (side plank elbow or hand twist around and open up – 10 then switch and 10 other side)
  • Single Leg Stretch (on back, one knee pulled in, the other stretched out, contract forward, control switch)


  • Piriformis stretch (on back, cross one ankle over knee and thread hand through to pull towards chest, FLEX FEET, and hold in for count of 30 seconds, switch)
  • Psoas/Hip flexor stretch (one knee on mat, other foot out in 90 degree angle, lift up to shift hips forward, telegraph hand up to stretch down full side of body, hold for 30 seconds, switch)
  • Quad stretch (lay on one side of body and pull the top ankle in towards butt, hold for 30 seconds, switch sides)

REPEAT – Both Super Moves and then Stretches


The whole month of July you will be putting in as many quality hours as you can. Each week building on the previous one, and then it will culminate in the Durango trip. You want to be ready for that as well,  so put time in, here at home, so that your vacation is even better.


Pam has compiled a ton of great coaches to lead the rides, Max will be around for another week, and Richard is in town. Also Lynn will be around next week and Morgan is around for a bit before he leaves for vacation.


And if you are NOT around because of family vacation, try to get the following OFF-BIKE WORKOUT in 2-3 times per week:

Cross Training Workout while Away – The Count Down!

Start with a  Warm-up = jump rope / jumping jacks / jogging for 3-5 minutes

Then move through the following workout with as little rest in between each while doing each exercise correctly and intentionally:

  • 25 squats
  • 20 push ups
  • 15 lunges (step back) on each side
  • 10 dips (bend elbows, hips lifted high)
  • 5 high knee jumps
  • 1 minute of plank jacks and/or mountain climbers (switch at half way!)

Rest for 2 minutes. REPEAT at least ONCE again, or maybe 3 rounds total.

Cool down with a walk around for a few minutes and the stretches listed above.




Work out for those of you on vacation and wanting something to do.





2 Responses to “Ignacio and Daniela Leave for Vacation”

  1. Rebecca Sotelo

    Enjoy a very well deserved rest, and thank you for everything.

  2. Maddy Mitchell

    On the day I went home sick in the 2nd week of bike camp, I left a black tank top at the clubhouse. Apparently it was found by someone but I can’t find it. If anyone finds it could you please put it in my bin or give it to me?