In case you are not seeing these via email or need to refer back to them, I will now be sharing the insider newsletters each month via the blog, as well. PLEASE READ!

Insider Newsletter for June 2018:


As mentioned already, we are moving into Summer Bike Camp training schedule, as follows:


Monday – 6am – 7am SHARP – Cross training

Tuesday – 6am – 7am SHARP – Cross training

Wednesday – 6pm – 8pm – Short Track MTB

Thursday – OFF

Friday – 6am – 7am SHARP Cross training (more focus on flexibility, core strength and recovery)

Saturday – AM Road Rides

Sunday – AM MTB Rides


PLEASE come to AS MANY PRACTICES as possible! With summer schedules it is best to get more than 3 practices a week in while you can. It is a chance to get super fit – take advantage of that!

5 Responses to “June Newsletter and the Week Ahead”

  1. Benedict

    I can come to the workout on Monday morning, I’m not leaving until Tuesday

  2. Nathaniel

    I will Come Tuesday morning and Friday morning for the cross fit and I will come Sunday morning because of my summer class.

    • Nathaniel

      I will come Wednesday night too, and will try come Sunday. Thanks

  3. Rebecca Sotelo

    Ethan S will be there Wednesday evening, Saturday, and Sunday. He is working for his dad this week, Monday through Friday, from 5:30 AM to 2:30 PM.