Saturday– Old Man 5:45

Big Person 6 am

C Team road ride– 5:38 sharp!!!


Sunday– We are going to try a new trail. Please arrive on time and ready to pack bikes to drive.

5:45 am meet to pack up.

6 am depart

7 am on bikes and ready to ride at trail head

Ride two hours till 9am

9:30 packed up leaving trail head

10:30 back at the clubhouse.


Bring a snack and some extra water.

8 Responses to “This weekend and watch the videos from the previous post”

  1. Estevan

    I will not be able to go on the ride on Sunday because my uncle’s getting married.

  2. Kieran

    I will not be able to go on the Saturday ride but will definitely be there on Sunday.

  3. Maddy Mitchell

    I’m sick so I won’t be to practice tomorrow, but hopefully Sunday!

  4. Eve

    I won’t be able to go on the ride on Saturday because I’m moving houses, but I will be there Sunday

  5. Mostyn Trudinger-Smith

    I wont be there on Saturday because I will be taking the SAT

  6. Mostyn Trudinger-Smith

    Sorry, turns out i cant make it on Sunday either