Please arrive at the clubhouse at approx. 5:30 so we can leave hard at 6 pm.


If we are at the trail head at 6:30 then we can get two races in before we leave at 7:30 pm.


I will drive a van out and have cold water.


Please feel encouraged to wear a custom racing shirt.


I apologize for not getting this up earlier as per Coach Morgans request.



5 Responses to “Wednesday Evening Short Track”

  1. Becki

    I’m hoping the kids will be allowed lights for the ride home. Safety first!

  2. David

    Hi. I know I said I could help tonight but I forgot our anniversary. Oops. Sorry. Nathaniel will also not be there. D

  3. Eve

    I won’t be able to make it tonight because I’m taking my permit test

  4. Megan Mogan

    This is Maddy I will not be able to make the ride today because it is my sister’s birthday today. It is a birthday dinner.

  5. Maddy

    I cannot come to the ride tonight because it is my sister’s birthday. We have a dinner together.