We are just days away from a fantastic trip planned to Durango, CO for a great group of riders and coaches at Fort Lewis College. Here are a few very important details:

  1. Every rider will need to hand in a FLC MTB Camp Release to be able to go.
  2. Here is the roster of those going, paid and confirmed:
    Ana Quintana Bernal
    Benedict Colombi
    Brayden James
    Caden James
    Caleb Huggins
    Camilla Benning
    Damiano Rivera de Rosales
    Daniel Walker
    Estevan Ramos
    Ethan Sotelo
    Eve Yockey
    Kaileen Williams
    Kieran Douglas
    Leonardo Cruz
    Maddy Mitchell
    Madison Major
    Max Bevier
    Myles Walker
    Nathaniel Cross
    Oliver Clark
    Reece Culliney
    Sam Bevier
    Susie King
    Thorsten Rassmusen
  3. Here is the Durango 2018 gear list
  4. We will be LEAVING THE CLUBHOUSE at 8am on Sunday, July 22 – Meet at clubhouse at 7am to load up.
  5. The crew will camp at McPhee Recreation Area outside Dolores/Cortez, CO on Sunday night. Ride in the morning at Phil’s World – super fun! And arrive at Fort Lewis College around 3pm to get settled into dorm rooms, etc.
  6. EXPECTATION MEETING for all riders going on the trip (and in town) – Saturday 10am (post rides)
  7. Return will be same day from Durango to Tucson on Saturday, July 28th – arriving late evening

Please let me know of any questions you have. I will be emailing out a roster with contact info for all coaches, riders, and parents to have, plus the itinerary for the trip.


4 Responses to “Durango Trip Details – Important!”

  1. Nathaniel

    I am currently in the Sierra Nevadas cycling with my dad. I will be joining the team in Cortez on Sunday night. See you then!

    • Nathaniel

      I will not be able to attend any of the rides this week, but I have plenty here!