Hi All:
First day of Tour de France!  GO (your favorite rider/team).
Below is the known schedule for the final endurance block week starting tomorrow.  Please let me know if changes need to be made.
7/8 – MTB – 5:45am to 10am:  Lynn (LEAD COACH), Jesus, Donovan, Michael T., Ali, Chuck, Deidra, Luke
7/10 – ROAD – 5:45am to 8am: Lynn (LEAD COACH), Kim, Ron, Justine, Colin
7/11 – ROAD – 5:30am to 9am – ML Ride with Ralph: Lynn (LEAD COACH), Steve, Justine, Matt (?)
7/12 – MTB  – 5:45am to 8am – Short track via 36th: Lynn (LEAD COACH), Steve, Pam, David, Matt, Deidra, Luke
7/14 – ROAD – 5:45am to 9am: Colin (LEAD COACH & C ride), Natalie, Ron, Michael T., Pam
7/15 – MTB – 5:45am to 10am: Lynn (LEAD COACH), Nick, Chuck, Deidra
Thank you.

10 Responses to “Endurance Block 7/8 to 7/15”

  1. Mostyn

    I am out of town tomorrow but will be there in Tuesday then I’m out of town until July 27.

  2. Eve

    I’m going to Flagstaff for a week so I’ll be missing practice

  3. Steve Bohn

    FYI: Wed. am Mount Lemmon Fairwheel Bikes ride ride leaves the University Square area at 6:00am. I will meet up with the group as they come up University/3rd past campus at 6:05+.

  4. Thomas

    Thank you coaches so much for volunteering for us while igfnacio is out

  5. Thomas

    Thank you Coaches for all that you do for our families!

    • Pam Patterson

      Daniel, the C team rides mtb and/or road as determined by the schedule. Right now Sunday and Thursday are mtb rides; Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday are road rides.

  6. Paul B

    Hey guys, this is a question for one of the coaches. We bought inflators for the kids a while back and they pretty much fell apart immediately, so what inflators are you guys running that you would recommend?