Its true, I am very excited to see everyone and to hear about all of your summer adventures.


The coaches are having a meeting tomorrow night in regards to setting up rides for next week.


Please be looking at the blog tomorrow night to get the schedule.


However Tuesday the 17th, lets all meet at 8am to ride mountain bikes, two hours of playing in the dirt with friends.


I am also going to want to have a team meeting just youth before we head to Durango. Mostly to set expectations and to just get us all together and excited for the season to come.



12 Responses to “Ignacio is back and very excited to see everyone”

  1. Brandie Kiracofe

    Sadly, we will not be able to get Kaiden to the July 17th bike ride. Will there be workouts at 5:45am?

  2. Paul B

    Hey guys, this is a question for one of the coaches. We bought inflators for the kids a while back and they pretty much fell apart immediately, so what inflators are you guys running that you would recommend?


    • Richard

      I’ve had good luck with the Genuine Innovations inflators. The Air Chuck is my favorite.

  3. myles

    I crashed on Tuesday and i am a bit scraped up so i probably wont be there Wednesday.