All riders and parents should be receiving an email in short order in regards to signing up for the upcoming High School MTB league.


Please find time before August 2nd to sign up and this way your child will get a personalized number plate with their name on it


There are many costs associated with the league and during your sign up process you will be asked to pay.


Upon completing your sign up the last step is in fact payment. When you get to this please: DO NOT CLICK PAY BY CHECK OR PAY.


Please just return to your home page. El Grupo will take care of your payment.


Please feel free to ask any questions

4 Responses to “NICA Registration Information”

  1. paul

    Hey there,

    How does the participation agreement work? I filled out all fields but it won’t let me go past this step?
    Am I missing something?


    • Paul

      I got it to work, I had to keep clicking around until it submitted.

      Thank you

  2. Rebecca Sotelo

    I did not receive this email, or it’s very possible that I inadvertently threw it out. Can you send me a link to register Ethan for NICA? Thank you

  3. Erika Gallo

    OK, done. I think I completed this correctly. Let me know if I missed something.