It is hard to articulate the importance and the effect of going to Durango as a team. It has an almost mystical power. It transforms everyone of us that goes and brings us all together in a way that is special and impossible to recreate. It makes us into a team. I could tell so many stories about how this happens, but I do not think I have the words. I hope your  kids are able to tell you something special.


From my end as coach, I left totally excited. Not just because every rider learned something about themselves and their teammates, but every rider allowed themselves to be challenged. Challenge is vulnerable space. It is uncomfortable. It is unknown, and to be in this space around others can be dangerous. Its when you can be taken advantage of. However to allow yourself to go to this space and to be supported is also how you grow to trust one another. That is the beauty of Durango.


I want to keep the feeling alive all season long and throughout all Grupo programming. I will try and keep it present.


To this end I want to keep things flowing this week. We are going to have a practice on Wednesday morning. 8 am start. NO SPANDIES. U of A skills and play day.


Also I know that it will be warm for the next few weeks. I will be mindful of making sure we are safe and as cool as we can be. However there are great benefits to training in the heat and we are not the only high school athletes doing so. We need to be smart but we are not crazy special for being out. Remember Football, Cross Country and other sports are all fall sports around Arizona and they all practice outside, and non of them get a breeze. So we are lucky.


Lastly heat training is becoming a real thing that has been studied, I referenced this study many times to the kids in Durango and I encourage everyone to read it.


Training Plan


Wednesday– MTB skills day. 8- 10 am. Then you can do all you need for the first day of school.


Saturday– 5:45 Old Man Shoot Out


6 am– C team with Colin. Colin has a gift in teaching our newest riders how to ride. He has for years been the entry point for many riders. I want everyone to know that this ride has been a launching point for many of the best riders on the team and Colin has been instrumental in teaching the fundamentals to so many. Please if this ride is still your happy place– STAY!!!


6 am– Ben Duncan ride. A high quality fast paced ride for kids who do not want to do the shoot out, but are moving away from Colins ride. Not on Mission road or on Gates Pass.


Sunday– MTB ride. Meet at clubhouse 5:45 and out by 6am. 9 am return





8 Responses to “So much more fun to come”

  1. Ana

    My first day of school (yay senior year!!) is on Wednesday so I will not make the ride.

    Thank you for another wonderful year at Durango

  2. myles

    My orientation is on Wednesday so I will not be at the ride.

  3. Nathaniel

    I will not make Wednesday because I have a cholesterol test and have to get my blood drawn. I will see you Saturday. Thanks for the great experiences at Durango!

  4. Estevan

    I will not be able to make practice on Wednesday because I have other obligation at that time see you Saturday

  5. Benedict

    Tucson High has orientation at 8:00 for freshmen on Wednesday, so I will not be able to make the practice 🙁

  6. Oliver

    I have a school orientation at 8:00 tomorrow so I can’t make Wednesday practice.

  7. Jesús Fernando Amaya

    I can’t go to the ride tomorrow because I will be out of town, but I’m going Thursday and Saturday shootout.

  8. Kieran

    I will not make the ride wednesday morning. I have to get ready for school tomorrow and do some work.