Yet another change.


Tomorrow MTB ride will be in the afternoon. Starting at 4:30. Will be two hours long.


Wednesday will be the MT Lemmon ride and we can figure out what we want to do about Thursday then.


Thanks everyone for understanding, this is what works best for our amazing volunteer coaches.

4 Responses to “Tuesday MTB RIDE”

  1. Kaileen W.

    I’m not able to make it to the ride tomorrow, I have work during that time.

  2. Madison

    I get off work right at 4:30 so will not be making the ride 🙁

  3. Rebecca Sotelo

    what time is the ride to Mt. Lemmon on Wednesday?

  4. Brayden james

    Hey guys, nacho wanted me to let you all know that we will be meeting at the clubhouse at 5:30 and leaving at 5:45