26 days to go. This gives us a good amount of time as long as we are diligent and on top of what we need to do.


Please start to wonderfully day dream about how you want things to go. Start to drink a bit extra, and start to cut out whatever “junk” food you can. Treat yourself like an athlete and the body and mind will follow.


Team Meeting this Sunday the 19th MANDATORY FOR ALL RIDERS 

I imagine that we will be outside in the shade. So please bring chairs and cold drinks. I don’t want to have the longest meeting ever, but I want to be thorough and answer all questions.


Training Plan


We are going to continue to focus on our endurance engine. More solid rides are going to be on order. We had some great ones last week, and I would like to continue this flow. We should be feeling strong, but at the same time maybe lacking some top end speed. We have time to find that speed, building the motor takes longer.


I do want to challenge everyone to come with positive minds. All of the coaches are arriving excited to work with you and want the best for you. Please remember that especially when they are encouraging you. They are not trying to make you miserable, so be nice and accept the challenge.


Tuesday– MTB 4:30- 6:30. Keeping with the small groups, so that all level of riders gets what they need.


Wednesday– Road Bikes 3:45 there will be two levels of rides at 3:45.  6:30 pick up

4:30 road bikes as well. 6:30 pick up


Thursday– MTB 4:30 – 6:30



Saturday– 5:45 Old Man Shoot Out

6– Fast Person Shoot Out

6– B Team ride. Formerly known as the Ben Duncan ride

6– C Team ride. Also known as Colin’s ride.



Sunday– MTB 8 am start. Or would we want to go for a day trip to Patagonia and do a long dirt road adventure?

9 Responses to “26 Days to Go”

  1. Mostyn Trudinger-Smith

    I would prefer to stay in Tucson for Sunday. I also won’t be at practice on Thursday become I have a doctors appointment

  2. Steve Bohn

    I will be helping with the Thursday afternoon practice this week. Hoping for short track fun somewhere.

  3. Jesus

    Jesus hurt his foot at school on Minday. Once it’s better he’ll be back at practice.

  4. Thorsten

    I have curriculum night Tomorrow my parents would feel better if I did not come on Thursday

  5. Joel A Biederman

    What’s the decision for Sunday’s Ride? I’d love to join if I can.