Coach Matt Jones has just met his new son, Bailey Allen Jones, and Mama Katie is healthy. Please in your own way send him a note if you can. Bravo to Katie and Matt and we wish them the very best.


Lost Shoes– Reece lost a pair of Burkenstocks a the clubhouse last week. He is upset about it and would love to have help finding them. Birkenstocks, black, two strap size 38.  He stated he left them by the leather sofa.


Sleeping Bags for Sale– I am selling mine and Daniela’s sleeping bags. They are REI branded IGNEO bags both down and rated at 25 degrees. Each for $100.

5 Responses to “A NEW BABY, Some lost shoes and Sleeping bags for sale”

  1. amy vitt

    I’d love to chat more about the sleeping bags, Ignacio! We need two bags.

  2. Kristen (Reece’s Mom)

    Hey All. We checked the donation bin and those are the right style of Birkenstocks but those are not Reece’s new ones.

    Can kids and families please check to see if they picked up Reece’s new two strap Arizona style Birkenstocks recently by mistake? Size 38. Black.

    As you all know these arent cheap shoes and were bought as a special gift, we can’t afford to replace them if they aren’t return.

    Thanks! Kristen, Reece’s mom.