I hope everyone has had an awesome summer! We all know that the end of summer means the beginning of SCHOOL! I won’t make assumptions about your excitement/non-excitement about that, but once I again I’d like to remind you that Erika and I are here to give you SUPPORT! We can be practice buddies, review material with you, help work through tough spots, plan for your future, accomplish professional goals, etc. Sky is the limit here.

As part of supporting you, we want to know about RESOURCES you might need. We have textbooks, we have recently acquired a bunch of awesome new flashcards, physiology books, athletic material, etc, and now we want to look at your technology needs.

Please take the survey below, which will take 2-5 minutes, to give us a better idea of what your tech needs are!


Thank you, and as always, contact me if needed! email: julia@elgrupocycling.org or 520 271 3995.