I want to thank all that put together a fantastic week, last week. I was very pleased with the efforts and the commitment shown by almost the whole team. We had great attendance and great work.


We have two more weeks until the first race and I want everyone to meet their dreams. My hope is that you all get to race your hardest and finish proud of the work you put in. It’s not about the place you come in, but how willing you are to trust yourself to be your best. I want you all to finish the race not caring what place you finished because you are so proud of the way you raced and how hard you tried.


This is going to be the last week of hard structured work for the next few weeks. Its not to say that what we will be doing in the next few week is not intentional and with purpose, its just that this is going to be the last week of VO2 intervals for some time. I want everyone to commit to the workouts. Please come this week and try to out do what you did last week. That is the only way to build.


Also please remember that you signed up for at least three days a week. That is the minimum. Other teams make all practices mandatory, please don’t make me take that silly step, I just want all of you to be able to be your best.


Next week is going to be a preparatory week. Lost of hole shots and priming of the race engine. Not a lot of volume but enough intensity.


I will email out a gear list and the rules that you all came up with at the team meeting later or tomorrow.


Please ask for gear if you need it and please no worries on the tents. We are only going to use the very large ones that we have.


Training Plan


Tuesday: MTB 4:30- 6:30 VO2

Wednesday: Road Bikes 3:45- 6 and 4:30 – 6:30 VO2

Thursday: MTB 4:30 – 6:30 VO2 or trail ride if you came to Tuesday and Wednesday workouts


Saturday– 5:45 Old Man

6 am Big Kid

6:15 B and C team rides


Sunday– 7am meet and heading to Mt Lemmon

6 Responses to “Last week of Hard work before the Show starts”

  1. Ron

    Hi all, I will be there for Wednesday and Saturday’s practice. Excited to see you all !!

  2. Justine

    Hi all, unfortunately unable to join you today (Wednesday). I’ll miss watching you all tearing it up on those intervals!

  3. Jane M. Berger

    Hi there! Finally feeling well enough to ride…I am down for Saturday morning!

  4. Kristen

    Reece has been down with a sore throat and fever. He’s riding tomorrow and will try to pick up both weekend days.