We apologize for all the emails an announcements today. There is a lot going on and we want to make sure to communicate it all.


First please read the insider newsletter, these are for you, to keep you up to date and aware of what is happening.


Team Meeting is Sunday the 19th at the clubhouse starting at 4pm. This is mandatory for all riders on the team, no matter the goals they have.


NICA riders– Today is the last day to register in the Pit Zone and get your name on your number plate. You can still ride and race if you do not today, however today is the last day to get your name on your number plate. Please take of this today if you have not already.


Lastly this weekend. If you typically ride the Shoot Out and maybe have trouble making it all the way, then I encourage you to try Ben’s ride. There are going to be two levels to it and I am confident it is going to be a solid ride. Also it would be good to get a ride in that is solid before testing yourself on the Shoot Out. Again if you have questions as to which ride. Please ask.

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