Thank you all for a great weekend. I am very pleased with the how things went and about what we learned. I going to dump a lot of information here so please read and ASK Questions


Consistency is the key to how I plan the season and training. My method works with consistency. My challenge to you all is to come to as much as you can. As coach of course that is what I want. I do understand that you have life, so of course I understand that you cannot make everything.


That said other high school MTB teams and other team like the swim team mandate practice. I do not want to do that, however I do want to have consistency from you all. So please communicate to me your schedule and lets try hard to stick to it, so that you can have the season, you hope to have.


Weekend Rides– This time of year is MTB season. If you can only make one ride over the weekend, please make it the Sunday MTB ride.


NICA Registration– Thank you everyone for taking care of this. No worries if you did not. Your child will still be able to race. They may just not have their names printed on the number plate. That said sharpies work really well.


NICA– If you signed up to race. I really, really, want you all at all the races. Especially if you are in high school. Our three teams have a chance to do really well in the team standings, but we need everyone to be available and ready. So this is not a pick and choose situation. I want you all, all in.


MTB SEASON COSTS– New mountain bike tires that kids want to use cost $60. Every time a youth destroys a tire it is $60. We no longer have  a tire sponsor. We are trying hard to get one. I bring this up, because I need all the help I can get in keeping our bikes in good shape. Please encourage your rider to keep good care of their bikes and to be nice to them. Also if your rider is going through more than 2 tires this MTB season, I am going to have to have some method to help pay for them. I don’t know what this is. So just be good to your tires.


Stans– That white stuff we put into tires. It costs $5 per tire. So again, just one of those things. Please be careful and good. We do not have a Stans sponsorship.


Weekend at the races– I am going to have a lot more information about all of this at the team meeting. I do now though want to encourage you all to label all of your gear. Sleeping bags and mats, jerseys and shorts. All of that stuff should be labeled so that you can keep all your stuff. Things look the same. So label away at your stuff.


Training Plan and Practice Schedule


We are 34 days out from the first race, and thus have plenty of time to be deliberate about our build up to the season. I want to use these first one to two weeks to build some solid fitness through solid rides.


I have been out with different groups the last few practices and have had excellent rides. They have been consistent and strong. This will give us a solid endurance base to put speed on. I am going to keep the groups as small as possible so we can just ride. This is an easy time of year to get wrong, as we either go too fast of too slow. So the efforts should be ones that you can do repeatedly. One day to the next and for the whole ride. I will talk a lot more about this at practice.


We will have at least one solid interval week before the first race and a solid rest week. Again what I want is time and consistency right now.


Practice Schedule 


We are moving into after school  practice season. Yes it will be hot. So what. Do what you need to do to be ready, and at least you are not standing on the football field in full pads.


Drink like crazy at school all day long.


Tuesday– 4:30 – 6: 30 MTB ride.


Wednesday– 3:45 — 6 pm. Road ride.

4:30 – 6:30 road ride


Thursday– 4:30 – 6:30 MTB ride


Saturday– 5:45 and 6 am Shoot Outs

6 am Ben Duncan Ride. Finished approx. 10 am

6 am Colin ride. Finished approx. 10 am


Sunday– 5:45 meet. MTB ride.

4 Responses to “MTB Season here we come.”

  1. Caleb Huggins

    I won’t be able to make it tomorrow for practice because I have a doctors appointment.

  2. Thomas Paluda

    I will see if I can make today and tomorrow’s ride, and possibly for Thursday’s ride.

  3. Steve Bohn

    I will be able to help out with the Thursday(today) mtb ride.