Thank you all for taking the extra time out of your weekend to come to the team meeting. I do hope it was helpful and it gets us all moving in the same direction together.


These last few weeks have gone amazingly well in regards to our training. I want to thank all the coaches and riders for being prepared. It has changed so much. We have been able to ride in small groups and have just been able to do the work as I have hoped. By being ready and riding small we are safer on the road and trail, and we all get to the work that was prescribed.


I am very excited as to where we are in our build up to the season. We are fast. Evidenced by how well we rode on Saturday. This endurance block has given us what we needed. Strength and of course endurance. Now we are going to put some speed into us, and drop the quantity. So we are moving into the quality phase of training and backing off the quantity.


Training Plan


Tuesday– MTB only. VO2 fun. You will get back earlier today than in the past few weeks.


Wednesday– 3:45 and 4:30 starts. VO2 fun.

Very important as well. At 5:30 Jason Tullous my coaching mentor is going to come to talk with us. This will be till 6:30


Thursday– MTB fun ride. 4:30 start. If you did the back to back VO2 fun.

If you missed Wednesday– No Worries– your intervals will await you as will I


Saturday– Old Man 5:45

Big Person 6 am

B and C Team ride– 6:15 am


Sunday– 7 am meet for MTB fun day


5 Responses to “We are good, so lets find some speed”

  1. Steve Bohn

    Is Jason coming to chat to the team on Tuesday or Wed? If I recall correctly, you mentioned Tuesday at the Sunday meeting. Thanks!

  2. Chuck

    Sounds like a good week! See you all Tuesday for some repeats on A-Mtn.

  3. Justine Hernandez

    Hi Coach. I know rides are not canceled for rain, but what’s the plan for ride if thunder & lightening continues? Thanks!

  4. Ana

    I am taking the SAT on Saturday so I’ll miss the ride but will do my own ride when I’m dine with the test.

  5. Ron

    Hi all, I will be there for Wednesday and Saturday’s practice. Excited to see you all