As coach I have wants. Some of these wants are long term and others short term.


Short term: I want everyone around for great weekend. EVERYONE


Long Term: I want all riders to recognize that it is our style, program and ethos that have gotten you to where you are, so please respect it.


High school season goals: I want everyone to achieve what they hope and I want to battle for another Team Title. There are plenty of awesome coaches on board that want the same and will be around for practices. I want everyone to come to practice and then very small groups will be made.


All other high school sports have mandatory attendance and I am moving very fast in this direction as I do not like the feeling of kids doing whatever, whenever. The coaches put too much time in.


This is pre-emptive post.


Saturday– Three ride options


5:45 and 6am. Shoot Outs. If you know, you know.


If you have questions about which ride is most appropriate please ask.


6am. The New Ben Duncan ride. A fast and fun team ride with “race” spots. Approx. 40 miles.


6am. Colins C Team ride. For those that need the teachings of the master.



Sunday– MTB fun. Three hours of Endurance. Where do you all want to go? 6 am start for Sunday approx. 3 hours long

6 Responses to “Weekend Update”

  1. Nathaniel

    Can I ride the Ben Duncan ride on Saturday please? I will be there Sunday, too. Maybe sweetwater? Thanks

  2. Ignacio

    Nathaniel the Ben Duncan ride will be perfect. Have fun with it!!

  3. Mostyn Trudinger-Smith

    I can’t make it Saturday but I will be there on Sunday

  4. Oliver

    I’ve been struggling to stay with the shootout, would the Ben Duncan ride be right for me?