This weekend many of the coaches will be attending a Wilderness First Responder course in Picacho. However because we have such an amazing crew of volunteers and coaches practices will be continuing.


That said riders please be extra nice this weekend and helpful. You know all the ride leaders, they just might not be the usual lead coaches. So be nice and helpful.


Saturday– Road Bikes


5:45 Old Man– Dennis will be out


6 am Ben Duncan Ride– David Cross and Natalie O’Farrell


6 am Colin Holmes Ride- Daniela and Jane Berger





Daniela, David Cross, Sean Culliney

5 Responses to “Weekend Update”

  1. Kieran

    I can’t come on saturday because of early work but i will be there sunday morning!

  2. Erika Gallo

    Thor has a nasty migraine this morning (electronics make it worse). He’ll be there tomorrow.

  3. Kristen

    Sean Culliney got called into work tomorrow – 24 hr shift starting at 8am. He sent an email but I wanted to post here too.

    So sorry he can’t be there tomorrow.