Thank you Ben, Max, Colin, Natalie, and Daniela for helping lead the rides this morning. After asking the riders it sounds like the rides went really well.


My favorite comment was, “It was harder than the Shoot out. We had to work hard the whole time.” I am not sure you all realized what you were asking for, but yes. This ride will be better and that is why we are so excited to have it.


Sunday. 6am leave the clubhouse.


Question: Arizona Trail heading south from Gabe Z, or Sweetwater?

11 Responses to “Well that worked and Sunday Fun day”

  1. Benedict

    I would like to do the Arizona trail. That’s sounds like a lot of fun

  2. Ana

    Also, the video you linked to is 100% worth watching please everyone watch it. It’s truky a masterpiece

  3. Nathaniel

    Please please please Sweetwater! Thanks for the ride today, Ben!