All is going well at the NICA races in Flagstaff! However, the middle schoolers will be coming back at the same time as the high schoolers following podiums. They are aiming to leave Flagstaff no later than 4:30pm and should be get back to the clubhouse between 8:30pm and 9:30pm tonight.

I will post an update as they get closer.



2 Responses to “ALL getting home late today from Flagstaff”

  1. Daniela

    So this just happened 🙂

    1 El Grupo Composite 2169 2169
    2 Tucson High Magnet School 2030 2030
    3 Catalina Foothills High School 2024 2024
    4 Red Mountain High School 1922 1922
    5 Boulder Creek High School 1907 1907

    Sweep of the podium in our division!! Way to go El Grupo!!!

  2. Erika Gallo

    Looking for a lost phone, grey cover and a few stickers. Please email or respond if you find it. Thanks