That’s right, finally race weekend is here. This Saturday we will be heading up to Flagstaff and on Sunday we are finally going to be racing.


I will be posting more through out this week to keep everyone informed.


The intent of this post is to keep riders aware of what they need to do this week.


I will post tomorrow about how parents can help us be ready and what else we might need.


Riders at this time you have put in all the necessary work. We need to let is soak in but also keep it topped off. As I told you all at the mercado, we have two speeds this week. Super slow or full gas. Please all week take it easy at school, if you have physical classes try and tell  you teachers that you have a race and you would like something more chill.


Please riders eat that little bit better and smarter this week, drink more water than normal this week, get to bed earlier. Rest more.


However DREAM. Watch your ideal race when you fall asleep. Dream with that race to make it real.


Training Plan


Tuesday– MTB recovery ride.


Wednesday– MTB’s hole shot practice


Thursday– One good lap at the short track MTB


Saturday– Leaving sharply at 9am