I hope you watched the short video first.


It is just a reminder that what ever you dream is possible. It might take more work then you ever thought possible, but hard work always wins. Yes, she is a whole different level, but we can all learn something from her. Heck she graduated from Stanford and won the World Championships in the same year. Anything is possible.


As we move through the race season, and as school gets ever harder, we need to continually manage our time, be mindful of how we control the controllables, and make sure that we love the people around us.


Remember we are a team and only as strong as our bonds. So please remember to be good to one another, support each other, and help each other strive.


I will put more detailed information for the weekend up on Thursday.


I will use the rest of this post to talk through our plan to prep for race #2.


I am very confident at this time that we are fit. If you have been coming to practice and following the instruction I am confident that you are on form and ready to go. I just need to make sure that the legs have some gas in them and our skills are on point.


We came out of last race just flying, and last week we put in some work. So this week we are going to lay off the gas a bit, and focus on flow.


We should feel rested again at the end of this week and ready to race.


Training Plan

Tuesday– MTB Low Endurance ride


Wednesday– MTB low endurance ride


Thursday– Whole shot openers


Saturday– Leave and pre ride


Sunday– RACE



One Response to “NICA Race #2 in Prescott”

  1. Steve Bohn

    I can’t make practice today, last minute notice, I know 🙁 .
    I wish EVERYONE the best at Prescott this weekend!!